Pet Wellness Exams/Vaccinations

Pet Wellness Exams/vaccinations

We’ll be here to give your pet the best care possible from the very first visit and for the rest of their lives. Annual physicals are crucial as they can detect conditions early on and help to extend your pet’s life. Many of our younger patients receive annual exams. However, we advise getting your pet checked out every six months if they are becoming older or have any health issues.

While both dogs and cats need to be vaccinated against diseases that can afflict their species, such as rabies and distemper, they also require separate immunizations. Our doctors will collaborate with you to establish a thorough, individualized immunization program to safeguard your pet.

Veterinary Services

Below are all of the veterinary services we offer at Patterson Veterinary Hospital. If you have any questions regarding our services, please feel free to call us.